About Us

Ghughuti Construction Services boasts a remarkable 14-year track record in the construction industry, operating in the picturesque city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. With a dedicated and multidisciplinary team, they excel as home builders, contractors, and property dealers. Their extensive experience reflects a commitment to quality and reliability in delivering construction solutions that stand the test of time. Ghughuti Construction Services is a trusted name in crafting homes and properties, contributing to the development and transformation of the landscape in Uttarakhand.


We have made our reputation in the entire construction domain by always being loyal to our customers & always fulfilling their needs. We possess highly-educated employees who are intelligent and complete each project with full dedication. They are technically strong and hence customers feel it safe & comfortable to discuss things with them. Since we have been in this service, our main priority always remained our customer’s choice. The friendly environment in our company makes it possible to handle each project precisely. All the solutions and decisions taken for any particular project are always done under the supervision of an Architect. 

Over the past 14 years, Ghughuti Construction Services has navigated a remarkable journey in the heart of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, their multidisciplinary team has positioned them as premier home builders, contractors, and property dealers in the region.
Ghughuti’s legacy extends beyond bricks and mortar, having played a pivotal role in the dreams of over 150 homeowners. The company takes pride in not just constructing houses but in making homes, understanding the nuanced needs and aspirations of each home maker they serve.
In addition to individual homes, Ghughuti Construction Services has successfully delivered more than 100 duplex structures, showcasing their versatility and expertise in catering to diverse housing needs. This milestone underscores their proficiency in creating living spaces that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.
We believe in hard-work and hence always create man new ways to build magnificent buildings. This is the reason we are counted as the best real estate & property in Dehradun. 

We are the most trustworthy builders and real estate agents who have been working for numerous clients for many years. We always provide economically viable, structurally sound, and architecturally beautiful homes to our clients. We are also known for being the best interior designer company in Dehradun & hence provide luxurious villas, residential houses, kothis, hospitals, etc. with the best interior.

We have the feature of providing services in the package form. We not only provide you with the best construction but we also provide our customers with the best suggestions for their projects. We always keep in mind the budget of the customers and accordingly provide them the best service. With the new evolving technologies, we always provide the services of high-quality which always prove to make the successful building of structures.


Because your happiness is our goal!
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Our Promise

Your dream home project is our responsibility. Right from plan approval to handover, we will manage and execute your entire project.

Highest Quality Standard

Ghughuti services have always been taking care of quality. always taking care of quality on our material expert and inspecting the work from time to time and we are 9001 to 2015 ISO certified company and we work according to its guidelines.

Hassle-Free Experience

When building a house, it is time consuming or stressful and time consuming. For this, our expert technical team is responsible for watching and handling the work from the beginning to the end of the work. Our advanced technology is able to fully satisfy the customer. Our expert team is able to overcome the doubts of the customer and we prepare daily work progress report so that the customer and we are up to date.

On-Time Completion

Our goal is to complete the work on time and it is our endeavor from the very beginning that we try to get the work done in the right and right time so we are the Provider Master Sachin and Monthly Secretary and commit to complete project on time and we The stage wise work report is provided to the customer by his civil engineer so that the customer gets continuous reports about his work and ensures that the customer keeps giving the daily report form so that the customer does not face any kind of problem.

How is Ghughuti different ?

THE Ghughuti Service


100% Responsibility from Plan Approval to Handover


Transparent at every level (progress, payment, material purchase)


Fixed pre-agreed project cost with standardized packages


Set project schedule tracked & managed, with penalty for delay

Quality of finish   

Strong team of contractors, in-house team of architects, engineers, project managers. Only branded materials used


Powered by technology - starting from vendor on-boarding to automated progress report and payment flow



Hassles of managing stakeholders (including plan approval)


Limited mostly on trust


No standardized packages


Project often delayed with no progress visibility

Quality of finish   

Unskilled labour force & unmonitored quality of material


Limited to no use