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What Is Happiness Guarantee

Because your happiness is our goal!

Verified Professionals

All our employees are fully trained and well educated, for this check them thoroughly and check all their documents before joining through our HR department. And workers who are our labels and masons who are associated with us, we do a police verification of all those and only after seeing the work do we join them so that there is no loss in the quality of work .

Insured Work

Ghughuti services takes care of all their employees so that they do not have any problems , for this, we get the ESI registration of our employees and get all our workers health insurance and accidental death insurance so that they can also be safe and their Family can also be safe.

Re-work Assurance

Our entire team or focus is always that we work on time and the work is done correctly and there is no mistake in it, for that we constantly adopt the formula of check re-check and double check. Despite this, if there is any mistake, we continue to work only after correcting it.

24*7 Support

Ghughuti Services always tries to provide 24*7 service to all its customers, for this we have our WhatsApp Facebook and our company registered numbers open 24 hours so that our customers do not have any problem.


Ghughuti services provide a 25 year warranty on roof. All other products which are used in home construction, their brand guarantee are delivered by the same company, besides we give 1 year service guarantee to our customers.