Mr. pankaj


About Me

Hello, I’m pankaj & Diploma from Uttaranchal university,  dehradun with 96% and 83%, respectively. Now I’m working as a junior engineer in ghughuti construction, dehradun. My responsibility as a junior engineer on site manage budget, purchase materials, to provide project management, analyzing all works, developing, creating and maintaining construction project.  Sended document, on behalf of that I draw blueprints and structural diagrams then submit them to our PROJECT HAED Mr. Pradeep Rawat for correction and approval.

I also provide direct day-to-day support and oversight of project elements.  I visit sites to take measurements, labours way of working and to give them proper direction of work. I also develop project schedules and deliverable timelines under the supervision of junior engineer and PROJECT HEAD. I ensuring that all team members understand their specific duties and expectations and reporting to their heads to keep them informed about issues within the team.


Analyze 90%
Organize 85%
Time management 85%
Project planning 80%
Project management 70%
Problem-solving skills 80%