Designing Your Dream.
Creating Our Vision.

    FIRST STEP    Consultation

We provide initial meetings at our studio to discuss about the project, understand the initial requirements and generate a brief to prepare the proposal of our fee and services. The first meeting is free of charge and with no obligation and requires minimum efforts from client side.

At Ghughuti interior, we acknowledge your suggested project details and establish the ground of the exact need from the construction plan and the feasibility of achieving the goal. During our first meeting, we also discuss about the scale, time and cost, also about the general regulations and norms for the new construction or restoration. We also keep account your perspective about the restraints and responsibilities about our role or any third party role, such as other consultants (if any) who are required for the project in any stage.

We start our project with complete morality and clear vision. From the very first meeting, we focus on providing our client with a better understanding of our end goal. We also help our client understand the limitation and advantage of using our consultation that will further help in bringing our construction assignment to a more fruitful one.

    SECOND STEP    Site Visit

Once we agree with our consultation session, we move forward with site visitation that includes the holistic view of the location and mapping of our conceptual planning. Our team overseas the site and discuss about the project scale by gathering information on site. We also note down key points that are crucial for the project and undertake the planning accordingly..

    THIRD STEP    Conceptual 3-D plan
  • 3D drawings shall be chargeable as per the area.
  •  Conceptual 3D Design shall be prepared after the selection of reference images and client’s likings.
  • Conceptual fee will be adjustable in the final payment of the project.
  • For the first proposed set of drawings we need minimum 7 working days to develop the designs and 2D drawings
  • For conceptual 3D walk-through we need minimum 1_week to develop it.
    FOURTH STEP    Design on board

Scope Of Work –
All detailed architectural drawings shall include

  • Site measurements (area to be worked on)
  • Designing with reference to requirements
  • Modify the conceptual designs incorporating required changes
  • Architectural additions and alterations
  • Selection of materials, equipment and other interior-exterior related elements
  • Indoor Plants-cape (If required)
  • Doors & Windows designs with working details
  • Ceiling designs with electrical layouts and working drawings
  • Plumbing layouts and working drawings
  • Interior & Exterior elevations
  • Wall elevations (only for highlighted walls)
  • Furniture & furnishing selections
  • Furniture designing with detailed working drawings
  • Customized furnishings by our own label 
  • Tiles/Stone selection
  • Electrical & plumbing fitting’s selection
  • Selection of artifacts & paintings
  • Wall Paint and Wooden Polish color selection
  • All required 2D drawings shall be given
  • Wardrobes, Vanities, Counter designs with working drawings shall be given
  • Kitchen planning with working drawings and application specifications shall be given
  • Landscape designs
  • Flooring, Decorative Plumbing, Lighting and Hardware Specifications
  • Schedule Of Work
  • Periodic inspection and evaluation of work at site
  • Analyze schedule of spaces in relation to activities and site potential
  • Schedule of quantities will be given.
  • Role of Client
  • Giving approval on design
  • Finalizations on product material.
  • Payment shall be done in three parts

    • 50% advance of the total cost of the project
    • 25% at the time of execution of the work
    • 20% after the completion of the work
    • 5% on handing over Project.
  • Final payment shall be made after the final measurement of the executed work on a site.

Thanks again for considering ghughuti_Interiors for your interior design project. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and we look forward to creating something beautiful with you that you will like.